Trump attacks the Müller investigation

Robert Mûller TrumpRobert Müller Special Investigator. photo: FBI

Trump attacks the FBI and the Müller investigation of Russia

Donald Trump believes special investigator, Robert Müller scrutiny of Russian interference in the General Election, is fueled by ingrained democrats who are biased towards him.


The American President, best known for his many Twitter rawings and rantings, and increasing paranoia, issued another tweet on Sunday. Once again it was the Müller investigation of the alleged meddling by Russia in the Presidential elections which was the target of his discontent.

He believes that it is not fair

– Why does the Müller team engage 13 ingrained Democrats, some who are faithful supporters of “Crooked Hillary”, but no Republicans? Does anyone think that is fair? And still there is no secret deal, Trump tweets.

“Crooked Hillary” is Trump’s nickname for Hillary Clinton ever since they became political opponents instead of remaining cronies. Trump used to support the Clinton campaign as some might still recall.

The attack is the latest in a growing confrontation between the FBI and the Trump administration following the investigation led by Robert Müller, who looks at Russian interference with the election that took place one and a half years ago.
It is unclear when the investigations are to be completed, but the investigation is narrowing in on the President, his inner circle and not in the least, his business interests.

Calling former FBI tops liars

Trump also attacked the former deputy of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, and former FBI leader James Comey. In his rantings he describes both as being liars.
McCabe allegedly has kept detailed notes about his relationship with Trump, which can ultimately support Comey’s narrative, and therefore pose a serious threat to the credibility of Trump.


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