Trump in ‘excellent’ health

Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump.Photo: Flicker

Donald Trump’s health is ‘excellent’, according to the doctor who conducted the USA’s President’s first official health check On Friday.


‘The president is in excellent health,’ said doctor Ronny Jackson in a press release from the White House. He added that the health check itself went ‘perfectly’.

Jackson said he is looking forward to presenting a more detailed report to the White House on Tuesday.

Prior to the presidential election in the fall of 2016, Trump’s chief physician, Harold N. Bornstein described the 70 year old businessman’s state of health as ‘astonishingly good.’

Many Americans have been waiting in anticipation for Friday’s results. Several have said that the President’s mental health must also be investigated, not just his physical health.

Also, several experts have questioned Trump’s mental health in the past year, as also have a number of Presidential staff in the book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’.

Trump has contradicted the book’s content, and describes himself as a ‘mentally stable genius’.


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