Reactions to Trump and the Paris Agreement

Eiffel Tower, Sundown over Paris. Photo: Pixabay

Pelosi hard out against Trump on the Paris Agreement

The leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, strongly opposes President Donald Trump’s alleged decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement.


– A shocking apostasy of American leadership and a serious threat to the planet’s future, sounds Pelosis merciless verdict.

– Trump denies scientific truths, removes the safety net that protects our health and our environment, protects those who pollute and threaten our national and global security, she says.

Pelosi denotes the Paris agreement, which is an attempt to curb the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases, as a milestone.

– It shows our collective moral responsibility to leave a clean, healthy and sustainable planet for future generations, she says.

– Any decision to withdraw the United States from Paris Agreement would be devastating and short-term, says Nancy Pelosi.


MDG will have punitive taxes if the US abandons the Paris Agreement

If President Donald Trump pull the US out of the Paris Agreement, Norway should respond with punitive taxes, says the Green Party.

– The government should now do two things: Erna Solberg must step up Norway’s climate ambition to ensure that Europe helps reinforce the Paris Agreement. Norway should also introduce special ‘climate’ taxes on goods from the United States and other countries that violate it, says MDGs Une Bastholm.

A decision to leave the Paris Agreement will be as expected from ‘one of the most self-absorbed populists in the world,’ she says.

Several US media reported Wednesday that Trump has decided to pull the country States out of the climate agreement. This is not officially confirmed.

Trump tweets that the decision will be taken within a few days.

Støre: Regrettable if the United States leaves the Paris Agreement

Without the United States, international climate work will be weakened, says the Labour Party leader, Jonas Gahr Støre.

– It’s regrettable if President Trump draws the US out of the Paris agreement. The first binding climate agreement with real global participation from all countries.

– The big economies in the world must cooperate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, says Støre to NTB.

– Without the United States the international climate work is weakened, he concludes.

Several anonymous sources says that Trump is pulling the United States out of the deal. The President announces a statement on the matter in a few days.

Støre feels that several American states will continue climate work – Even if the US at national level should withdraw from the global agreement. Active cities, the development of new climate technology and consumers demands for climate-friendly solutions are some keywords.

– I do not think it will be good for the US economy if they withdraw from the Paris Agreement. It’s a decision that point backwards, not forwards, says the Labour leader.

– The other countries in the Paris Agreement, big and small, stand by their commitments, he states.

Cicero: The Paris Agreement will live on

It will have major negative consequences for the Paris Agreement if the United States really withdraws, but the climate agreement will survive, according to a climate researcher.

– If the United States pulls out, it has major negative consequences for further cooperation, says Steffen Kallbekken to NTB. He is Research Director at Cicero Center for Climate Research.

He refers to the ambitious goals for future developments that are drawn up in the agreement. These adds to the commitment to reach long-term climate goals.

– The agreement is totally dependent on continued cooperation between the countries.  This to gradually increase the effort, says the climate researcher.

Not worried for the Paris Agreement

– I’m not worried that the deal as such will be abandoned, but I’m worried about whether it’s possible to realize the ambitious goals, says Kallbekken.

He emphasizes that trust in cooperation between world nations is being undermined if the United States leaves.

– In addition, it has real consequences in that there will be less funding from the US to other countries.

Meanwhile, China has long signaled that the country stands by its climate commitments.

– Many countries were quick to confirm that they are behind the agreement, including China. It is important that China and the EU are behind the agreement, says Kallbekken.


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