Trump praised the US friendship with Norway

Prime Minister Erna Solberg together with US President Donald TrumpWashington DC, USA.Prime Minister Erna Solberg together with US President Donald Trump.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

President Donald Trump was full of praise for Norway after Wednesday’s meeting with Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H).


“We have strengthened the wonderful friendship between our two countries,” said Trump during the press conference after the meeting.

The American president praised Norwegians as strong and adventurous, and drew on the Viking Eirik Raudes expeditions as an example.

“Hundreds of years later, Norwegians escaped occupied Norway, to fight with Americans and allies, including in Normandy’s beaches in 1944,” he continued.

Side by side
“For many decades, Norwegians and Americans have stood side by side against common threats to our freedom, against our security and against our values,” said Trump.

“Together we have fought against fascism, communism and terrorism. We face all threats, we are partners,” he stressed.

“Our partnership has promoted peace, cooperation and respect for human dignity worldwide,” said Trump.

The Right way
Trump thanks, among other things, for Norway’s contribution in Afghanistan, where he thinks things are going the right way.

“Norway has contributed to the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan, where it is very good, the turning point has been reached,” he said.

He also noted US trade surplus with Norway.

“The US currently has a trade surplus – it’s shocking, you heard what I said – there’s not much we can say about it, but we’re getting more trade surpluses from all over the world now,” he said.

Paris agreement
Norway has criticized Trump for withdrawing from the Paris agreement, but according to Trump, this was not a big issue during the talks with Solberg on Wednesday.

“It was not a big topic during the talks. I want to say that the Paris agreement, as it stands, is very unfair to the United States. It makes it difficult for our economy. We are a country with oil, gas and coal. The agreement thus harms our economy. We want business that can compete, something that would prevent that in the deal,” he said.


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