Trump is prepared to go to war with North Korea

Lindsey Graham North KoreaSen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.,(AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Trump is prepared to go to war with North Korea

President Donald Trump said he would rather go to war and destroy North Korea than allowing the country to develop long-distance missiles that can carry nuclear weapons.


Senator Lindsey Graham (Republican, and known as the “Hawk on foreign policy”) discussed on NBC’s Today Show.
“It’s a military solution: Destroy North Korea’s nuclear program and North Korea!”.
He believes if diplomacy fails, especially if China does not put enough pressure on North Korea, the United States will have no choice but take military action.
He believes that China should be aware of the situation.


Last week, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un bragged about developing missiles (ICBM) that could reach any target in the United States. The statement came after North Korea tested what they claim is an intercontinental long-distance rocket.

This threat has been shuffled back and forth across the street, sort of speak, for 20 years.
“Should North Korea continue to threaten the United States with their missile program and further development of ICBM´s, there will be a war with North Korea!”
says Graham about his discussions with Trump.

ICBM is an abbreviation for intercontinental ballistic missile.


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