Trump’s former chief strategist meets Oslo audience

Steve Bannon i OsloSteve Bannon in Oslo.Photo: / NTB scanpix/Larsen, Håkon Mosvold

President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, met a sympathetic hall full of people during a event in Oslo on Friday night.

He opened the meeting of Oslo Military Society (Oslo Militære Samfund) to describe the campaign against election fraud during the presidential election in 2016, and why ordinary people who no longer had jobs voted for Donald Trump.

The financial elite, China, Hillary Clinton and Democrats, the establishment press, and the EU elite are among the elements included in the explanatory models for what happened in the United States and the right-wing populist political movement seen in Europe.

He also advocated for closer cooperation with Islamic

‘’I’m no Islamophobe. The Muslim countries are natural allies in the fight against radical Islamists’’ Bannon told the audience at Document.nos event. This was a response to a statement in the hall about what can be done with what was described as ‘’a growing number of Muslims.’’

Steve Bannon is known for his role as chief strategist for Donald Trump and former editor of the right-wing website, Breitbart.

He came from Bergen and Nordiske Mediedager on Thursday,
where he was interviewed on stage in Grieghallen. Steve Bannon has made several visits to Europe in recent months and met right-wing politicians.

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