Trygg Trafikk warns against driving with a hangover during the Christmas holidays

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One in four drivers replied in a new survey that they drove the car the next day after a night of drinking and did so even when they knew they should not have done so.

Trygg Trafikk has asked motorists to reconsider taking such a risk especially when many will be imbibing in various types of alcohol at Christmas parties and dinners during this current festive period.

“It is disturbing that every fourth Norwegian motorist has driven even though they admit that they should have left the car behind. Remember that it is just as important to be 100 percent sober the next day and that the same limit applies,” said Trygg Traffik’s Communications Manager Ingrid Trømborg.

The survey was carried out by YouGov on behalf of Trygg Trafikk and it shows that those who drove a car the next day when they should not have done so, are in the age group of between 30 and 39, As many as 35 percent in this age group admitted to such an infraction.

Four out of ten in the survey said that they have been worried that some of the closest ones have been driving the day after drinking alcohol. As many as six out of ten are of the opinion that many are not seriously concerned about the level of alcohol in their system the day after they drink.

“If you are in doubt whether you should drive, the answer is really clear. Then you should leave the car behind,” said Trømborg.

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