Animals cooling down in tunnels are killed

Sheep wolf killing tunnelsSheep with lambs . Photo: Norway Today Media

Reindeer & sheep cooling down in the tunnels – killed by cars

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration warns the motorists against the reindeer and sheep who have fled into the tunnels to escape the excessive heat in the country’s northernmost counties.


– We get notifications from all over northern Norway about a lot of grazing animals along the roads. There are both sheep and reindeer who enter into the tunnels because of the heat, says Head of Department of the Road and Transport division in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Tore Lysberg, to NRK.

The grazing animals are drawn down to the sea and areas where there often is a lot of traffic, especially in July and August. People must be extra alert when driving into tunnels, Lysberg emphasizes.

– The animals lie down and lean on the barriers. It is especially at tunnel openings that one should be on the alert. If you come across animals that have sought shelter in such places, it may be prudent to stop and employ the emergency lights in order to alert others, he says.

Since July 10th, 44 collisions involving reindeer and sheep have been registered, according to the leader of the reindeer police, Inger Anita Øvregård.


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