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Turkey makes complaint to the Complaints Commission of the Press’ (PFU)

The Turkish EmbassyThe Turkish Embassy in Norway.Photo:


The Turkish Embassy complaints editor Kjetil Stormark and his website before  the Complaints Commission of the Press (PFU) because of the coverage of the attempted military coup in Turkey last year.

It is Turkey’s ambassador to Norway, Şafak Göktürk, who made the complaint to the Press Complaints Commission, according to the website Turkey Purge, which monitors government intervention after the failed putsch.

Göktürk says the article does not comply with the press ethics because Stormark is not critical as of the validity of his sources. He also says that article portraits the President in “a very insulting manner.” wrote that high level NATO sources thinks that the attempted coup was staged by the Turkish president and government. Stormark says to NRK that he is confident of the journalistic assessments that were made.

– This article has been shared many times in social media, especially by critics of the regime. We do not say that this is how it happened. What we are referring is that sources high in the NATO system have this perception.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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