Twelve confiscated weapons in Oslo tinghus

Oslo Courthouse prostitutes trialOslo Courthouse.Photo. Norway Today Media

After Oslo tinghus installed X-ray control in May, twelve seizures of stabbing and blunt weapons have been made, writes VG.


Both batons, daggers and small knives have been that can be hidden in credit card folders have been confiscated within four months since access control and x-ray photography were installed in May this year.

Oslo tinghus is visited daily by around 1,000 people.

“The most serious confiscation is probably a so-called kubotan, a weapon of self-defence with grooves in the handle and a pointy end.

“It’s a really ugly weapon that’s easy to hide, it’s meant to hit or stab vulnerable parts of the body of the opponent. It is not a normal item to have, “says Security Manager at Oslo City Hall, Frode Wold, to VG.

Access control, which the employees in the courthouse have called for, for many years, cost 2.5 million in investments in the building and has an annual operating cost of around 5 million kroner.


Source: NRK / Norway Today