The number of women choosing to give birth at home has doubled

Home birth,bornHome birth.Photo:Pixabay

In recent years the number of women giving birth at home has doubled. The women choose to hire midwife teams to help them over giving birth at the hospital.

NRK news reports that  planned home births have increased from 89 women in 2008 to 153 in 2014,according to the medical birth register.
But, unlike giving birth at the hospital, those who want to give birth at home, have to pay the costs themselves and hire midwives from midwife teams.

Nevertheless, more people are now choosing this option. According to Cathrine Trulsvik in the Midwifery Team in Buskerud, Oslo and Akershus,  there is a lower frequency of women who choose  home birth experiencing complications, but emphasizes that it is not for everyone. Only women in the low risk group are recommended this option.

Professor at Oslo and Akershus University College, Ellen Blix, has researched the development of home births and believes that this option also should be offered by the government. That’s the way things are done in a number of other countries, such as Denmark.

– A lot of places you can give birth at a midwife controlled delivery rooms either in hospitals or other places, and you should be able to choose to give birth at home without having to pay for it yourself, she says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today