Twins died after falling into a washing machine in India

New DelhiNew Delhi.Photo:

The three year old twins died when they fell into a washing machine filled with water, said police in India.

The accident occurred on Saturday in the affluent district of Rohini, northwest of New Delhi. The twins were left to themselves at home for six to seven minutes, during which time, tragedy struck, according to local media.

It is unclear how the accident happened. The Hindustan Times wrote that they fell into the top-loaded washing machine, while the NDTV channel reported that they drowned after climbing into the machine.

Their mother had filled the washing machine with 12-15 gallons (54-68 liters) of water and left the boys alone because she had to go out and buy washing powder. The top cover of the machine was open she explained to the police.

‘It looks at first glance like a pure accident. We have made a report and are awaiting autopsy results’, said Deputy Police Chief, MN Tiwari.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today