Two arrested after brawl at an asylum centers

Two arrested after brawl at an asylum centers ForusStavanger: Asylum reception Forus Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB scanpix

The police have arrested two people after a mass brawl at Forus emergency accommodation center in Stavanger. Three people had to be treated for injuries after the brawl.

According to the police, the victims  received cuts and possible fractures when the two gangs attacked each other at the reception center at Forus in Stavanger.

Both police and paramedics arrived at the site just before midnight on Thursday after being notified of noise at the center. The police writes on Twitter that the reason for  the brawl is uncertain.

The arrested persons are taken to jail and will be charged with assault, according to NRK. At some point this Thursday, the police will start questioning the accused and provide their own interpreters as a part of the questioning.

– Then we must consider if they ahould be transported back to Forus or placed in another  reception center,  operations leader Olaug Bjornsen in South Western Police District  saidto NRK.

Bjornsen says that the fight was between two different gangs from two different countries, but she will not say which nationalities they belong to.

The police were present at the reception center all night to ensure that peace and order were restored.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today