Two arrested for armed robbery in Oslo

PolicePolice.Photo: Norway Today Media

Two young boys are arrested after an armed robbery of a gas station on Ellingsrud in Oslo on Thursday.

Police said the arrests were made at 6:13 am Thursday morning. A little shy of five hours before that, at 1:30 am, they were informed about a robbery of the Esso station in Per Kroghs vei.

– We are talking about two people each with pistols who aimed at employees and a customer at the gas station.

Luckily no one came to harm, and those who were subject to the robbery have been offered medical assistance, said Operations Manager of the Oslo police, Gjermund Stokkli. He said the robbers got a small amount of money before they ran from the place.

– The yield is very limited, but the crime that is so severe that it can lead to harsh punishment, the Operational Manager says, who reviews the robbery at Ellingsrud as very aggravated.

At 9 pm on Wednesday night another gas station in Oslo was robbed by a man with a balaclava who threatened the staff with a knife.

Stokkli says there is nothing to suggest any connection between the two robberies at this point in time, but that it is something that will be examined during the investigations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today