Two arrested with electric shock gun

shock gun teaser gunDifferent types of taser guns. Photo: screengrab / youtube

Two arrested after using electric shock gun

Two people are arrested for threats with an electric shock gun in Bergen. The weapon was allegedly also used on a person. Further north, a man is apprehended after torching a caravan.


The police got a notification from a nightclub in Bergen that a guest had shown an electric shock gun and then left the premise.

– A person follows the guest and a friend has telephone contact with us in the police. Thus, we are kept up-to-date about their movements and can apprehend them after a few minutes, Operations Manager in West Police District, Terje Magnussen, tells NTB.

The police are informed that the man with the electric shock gun has threatened guests at the nightclub, and one person says the weapon is used against him. He has, according to Magnussen, burn marks on his neck, but suffers from no other injuries.

– He has been told to visit the emergency room for a checkup, while the other two involved are incarnated with us. The weapon is seized, says Magnussen. What is behind the threats and the use of the electric shock gun is not known.

– The information from the victim may indicate that this has happened unprovoked, but it is up to the investigation to shed light on this.

The arrested men are both in their twenties and are known to the police from before. One of them is charged with threatening and using the electric shock gun. The other is charged with possession of the weapon after leaving the nightclub.

The use of electric shock guns is relatively rare, and such weapons are prohibited in Norway.

Man torched caravan and made threats

A man in Surnadal in Møre og Romsdal was arrested late on Saturday after torching a caravan. He also threatened both the police and others.

The man called the police ahead of the arrest, writes the local newspaper Driva.

– He called and demanded that the police come and clean up a relationship or disagreement between him and another person if he did not say he was going to take matters into his own hands, the Officer on Guard at the Operations centre, informs.

When the police came to the place, he had already torched a caravan. He also made threats to the police and others, writes Møre and Romsdal Police District on Twitter. The fire department extinguished the burning caravan while the police arrested the man.

– It is probably a mixture of psychiatry and intoxication this, but at least we take care of the man until he is questioned and we get a clarification as to whether this is a matter for us or for the health services, the police informs.


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