Two charged after bunker party in Oslo – the police are considering several charges

Oslo.The bunker on St. Hanshaugen.Photo: JIl Yngland / NTB scanpix

The police have charged two people for unauthorized access and party in a bunker in Oslo where several were carbon monoxide poisoned during a party this weekend.

The police are considering whether more people should be charged in this case, and whether the charges should be extended.

The Oslo Police District announced on Monday that they are carrying out continuous investigative steps, having a dialogue with among others, Oslo University Hospital and other actors, looking at confiscated items and examining electronic tracks.

In the night before Sunday, all emergency services moved out after a major illegal party was discovered in an underground facility at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo. Two power units supplying music and lighting to the underground system led to low oxygen levels combined with a high content of CO in the air.

The police state that they believe that close to 200 people may have visited the party during the night.

More interrogations

– We will work to obtain information to get a comprehensive picture of the situation. This is a serious case, says investigation leader Julie Wangensteen Lien in the Oslo police district to NTB.

Several interrogations are planned during the week.

– We will see when the initial interrogations have taken place if there is a need for new interrogations or further ones of the same people. At the moment, we are at the stage where we are trying to form a picture of the situation, she explains.

She says she has not heard anything about partygoers not daring to see a doctor because they are afraid that they will be punished for taking illegal drugs.

– I would say that if people are in doubt about whether they need to see a doctor, then I would at least do so to get some answers, says the head of the investigation.

Forensic technicians at the bunker
The police are in an initial phase of the investigation and are going wide.

– I can not comment now on how the security has been. I know too little about that at this stage. What I can say is that all aspects of the case will be investigated, and we will also look at securing the bunker, the police attorney explains.

On Tuesday, forensic technicians will investigate the closed shelter together with investigators.

– Based on what they find, it will be possible to see what further investigative steps will be taken, says Wangensteen Lien.

Carbon monoxide poisoning
A total of 27 of the party participants were taken to hospital with suspicion of carbon monoxide poisoning. Several of them were unconscious and had to be carried out during the evacuation, and the emergency services had to start life-saving first aid.

– Two of the five who have been under observation have recovered so much that they no longer need monitoring. We expect that most of those who were admitted to the hospital will be discharged during the day, says chief physician Fridtjof Heyerdahl at Oslo University Hospital to NTB.

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