Two died after front collision with fire truck

Fire truck collisionFire truck.Photo: Heiko Junge / SCANPIX

Two died after front collision with off duty fire truck

Two people died when their car hit an Avinor fire truck head-on on the European route 6 near Snåsa in Nord-Trøndelag.


The police were notified of the accident at 9 am on Saturday morning. A passenger car and a fire truck collided head-on at E6 at Heimsjøen in North Trøndelag.

– A fire truck and a passenger car have collided. Two people in the car died, says Head of Operations in Trøndelag Police District, Trond Volden,  to NTB.

Trønder-Avisa first reported that the truck was a Avinor fire truck that collided with a passenger car. The fire truck was heading north on the E6 after a workshop visit in southern Norway and had two people aboard.

Slippery and rain

Along the Snåsa lake, it was slippery after the rainfall during the night. Conditions have been cold and frosty in the area for several days, but night before Saturday the weather changed. Several areas in the county reports of very difficult driving conditions Saturday morning.

The small foreign-registered car was heading south containing two people.

– It’s a very nasty accident. Everything points towards that it is the passenger car that has crossed into the opposite lane, says Volden.

All emergency services were sent  to the accident site. According to the operations manager, police and the Accident Investigation Authority has cordoned of the accident site to perform the necessary investigations to find out what was the order of events.

Closed bypass road

– We have no positive identification of the dead. The passenger car was registered abroad, but many foreign people stay in the area, says the operations manager.

The road was closed and the Norwegian Road Administration has made a detour on the stretch between Steinkjer and Grong. This multi-mile detour road was however also closed to heavy vehicles on Saturday morning because it is considered to be too slippery.

– It’s so slippery that it’s not accessible. It is long, winding and narrow and until it is properly sanded, we can not allow heavy traffic vehicles, says Trond Volden.

The police also reports of two passenger cars that collided head-on on county road 17 west of Skage in Namdalen on Saturday morning. Here a person was stuck and later sent to hospital after being freed from the car.


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