Two out of five Swedes want a new EU referendum

EU flagEU flag. Photo. Norway Today media

23 years ago, the Swedes gave their ‘yes’ to EU membership in a referendum. In a new study, published in the newspaper Aftonbladet on Wednesday, two out of five Swedes want new referendum on the EU. Support for a new vote has increased.

In June last year, 33% wanted a new vote on the matter, now support has increased to 41%.

The extra support is explained by the EU being under pressure from several quarters, and it has been struggling, partly, because of the refugee crisis.
In several countries, EU-skeptical right wing parties have been gaining ground.

The question of Swedish membership of the EU is not on the political agenda in Sweden, so it is not possible to have a new vote immediately, despite the fact
that increased numbers of people want it. 58% of respondents still want Swedish membership of the EU.

The survey was conducted among 1,102 people, and was carried out by Inizio, commissioned by Aftonbladet.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today