Oil spill from Norwegian tanker

Odfjell chemical tankerOdfjell Chemical Tanker. Photo: Odfjell

Two hundred ton oil leaked from Norwegian tanker near Rotterdam

When the chemical tanker Bow Jubail crashed into the quay at Rotterdam this weekend, 217 metric ton of heavy oil leaked from a breach in the hull. Odfjell apologizes sincerly.


The incident happened on Saturday at 1:40 pm, Odfjell states in a press release.

The ship was on its way to loading when it crashed into the quay and got a breach in the hull near its fuel tanks.

The leak was stopped and there is no risk of further spilling. Odfjell states that they mobilized their crisis team at the headquarters in Bergen to help get the situation under control. The insurance company Gard, where the ship is insured, also assists.

Accident commission

– Odfjell apologizes for the unfortunate event and views it as very serious. Together with Gard, Odfjell will collaborate with Dutch authorities to ensure that the necessary resources are available to limit the consequences of oil spillage, according to a statement from the shipping company.

The company has also set up an accident commission to investigate the incident. The commission will cooperate with the Dutch authorities.

Fears pollution of beaches

The Dutch authorities issued a warning that beaches near Rotterdam are at risk of contamination, reports the news agency DPA. Marinas in the port area are cordoned off to prevent the oil spill from spreading.

Bow Jubail has a crew of 29, of whom 2 are Scandinavians and the rest from the Philippines. None were injured during the incident.

The tanker was built at Kværner Florø in 1996. It is just over 183 metres long, 32 metres wide and has a displacement of 37,500 deadweight ton.


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