Two men detained after knife point robbery in Oslo

PolicePolice.Photo: Norway Today Media

On Friday night several men robbed two people at knife point at Furuset in Oslo. Now the two men have been detained for four weeks, partly in isolation.


One of the victims of violence, a woman in her late 20’s,was injured during the robbery that occurred just before 01.00 on Thursday night.

The victims explained that a gang of four or five men threatened them with a knife in Granstangen at Furuset.

The police quickly arrested two men aged 24 and 25 at one of the men’s homes. In the apartment, the police also found a brand of jacket belonging to one of the victims. In addition, at least one mobile phone stolen.

The men have been charged with robbery or involvement in gross robbery.They were both detained for four weeks with a letter and a visits ban. In addition, the men are partially isolated so that they do not have the opportunity to communicate with other persons who could influence the case.

The 25 year old has explained to the police that he had been in the apartment since the night of Thursday the 23rd and that he did not take part in the robbery. It is not apparent from the court records how the 24 year old will plead at trial.

At least one of those arrested has been previously convicted.


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