Two men hunted after ax attack on Norwegian couple

TöcksforsTöcksfors.Shopping centre in Sweden: Freddie Larsen / NTB scanpix

Two men have been charged and are being hunted after a Norwegian woman got an ax thrown at her head as her husband was beaten, near a candy store in Töcksfors in Sweden on Monday.

– The woman has been unbelievably lucky. The perpetrator threw the ax at full force with both hands from six meters and hit her right in the head.

If the ax had spun another ½ turn, it would have struck with the edge, said operations manager Christer Magnusson from the police in Varmland.

The man who threw the ax, fled from the site together with a woman and man.

They stole the Norwegian couple’s car and headed towards Norway.

According to Swedish police the event started with the perpetrators  driving into a lamppost in the parking lot at the shopping center.

The Norwegian couple stopped, and then a man from the other car tore their door open and began to mistreat the man. The woman ran away and sought refuge in the mall when another of the attackers threw the ax.

Police had by Tuesday afternoon not arrested anyone in the case, but confirmed that they had completed a search of an apartment in the Swedish town of Arvika on Tuesday morning.

There they also found the Norwegian couple’s car in the morning.
Töcksfors is 6 km from the border with Norway and 35 km from Mysen in Østfold.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today