Two men indicted after death in Bergen

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Two men indicted after death in Bergen

Two men are accused of leaving a man in a helpless state after a 30-year-old was found dead in an apartment in Bergen last summer.


The indicted are a man in his thirties and a man in his twenties. Both denies culpability, their defendants tells Bergens Tidende.

– He is devastated. He would not have anything to lose by warning. But he did not realize that the deceased man was helpless. If that was the case, he would never have left him alone. And he would obviously have called a doctor, says lawyer Jannicke Keller-Fløystad, who defends the man in his thirties to the newspaper.

Three men indicted

The dead man, who also was in his thirties, was found in an apartment in Stølegaten in the city centre of Bergen at 5:30 pm on June 29th last year. By and by three men were indicted in the case, but one of them, a man in his fifties, was later checked out of the case.

According to Keller-Fløystad, the two defendants had helped the intoxicated man into a bed. Her client thought that the man was asleep when he left him, the lawyer states.

She also says that the deceased had asked for a dose of heroin.

– It was a dose my client knew he himself could handle, says Keller-Fløystad.

The maximum penalty for leaving someone in a helpless state is three years in prison.


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