Drunk driving while sought by police

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Two men taken for drunk driving in the same vehicle while police searched for them

When a Lithuanian in his 40’s was taken by the police at Jessheim in Akershus, his drunken mate chose to get behind the wheel and start the car.


The two Lithuanian men in their 30’s and ’40s had spent a night on the town at Jessheim earlier this year reported Romerike Blad newspaper.

The police suspected a Ford Transit van which did not make any signs to stop when a man crossed the street.

One of the police officers picked up the hunt for the car – on foot. Around a hundred meters later, the van came into a parking lot, and a man found a backyard to urinate in. It later appeared that the man had an alcohol per mille of 2.09.

While the police were in control of the first man, another man jumped into the car. He had followed his mate on foot. He started the car and reversed a few metres before he parked it again. The subsequent blood sample showed an alcohol per mille of 2.03.

Both denied penalties when the case was in Upper Romerike District Court this week.

The Lithuanian in his 40’s claimed the car was never in motion. The man in his 30’s said he just sat in the car to warm up.

The court ruled against the men’s explanation, and they were sentenced to 21 and 18 days in prison respectively. In addition, both were fined NOK 5,000 and given loss of a driver’s license in Norway for two years.


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