Two more cases of monkeypox confirmed in Norway

FHIPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

There are two new confirmed cases of monkeypox in Norway. One of the people was infected in Norway. A total of four cases have now been registered in the country.

“Both of the infected people are resident in Oslo, but one of them was infected in Norway, and the other was infected in connection with travel abroad,” the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) stated on Thursday.

None of the two are seriously ill. Both contacted the health service themselves after experiencing symptoms.

Oslo Municipality and the FHI are working on infection tracing. Both of the cases can be linked to the ongoing outbreak in Europe.

Infection tracing

“The people who are infected are followed up by the health service and have isolated themselves so as not to infect others. We map out who may have been exposed to infection and provide information to those concerned. The risk of further infection is generally considered to be very low,” acting chief infection control medical officer in Oslo Miert Skjoldborg Lindboe said.

Close contacts will be asked to contact the health service in case of symptoms. The most common symptoms of monkeypox are fever, lymph node swelling, and rash.

Very low risk of widespread infection

“It is not unexpected to get domestic monkeypox infection, and the health service is prepared for this,” department director Siri Feruglio at the FHI stated.

The National Institute of Public Health has made routines and recommendations for how the health service should handle people who may be infected.

“We still consider the risk of widespread infection in the population to be very low,” Feruglio added.

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