Two out of three in Fellesforbundet are positive to EEA agreement

FellesforbundetManager, Jørn Eggum at Fellesforbundet.Photo: Fellesforbundet

More than half of the members of Fellesforbundet, LO’s largest association in the private sector, are entirely in agreement with the fact that Norway should participate in EEA cooperation.

This is shown in a member survey conducted by Fellesforbundet every two years writes VG newspaper.

1,197 members of the union were asked “if Norway should participate in EEA cooperation”.

In the survey, 53% stated that they are totally in agreement that Norway should participate in EEA cooperation, while 27%disagree completely or partially. Furthermore, 14% stated that they neither agree nor disagree. 6% responded “don’t know”.

‘’We now know at least that the grass roots out there recognise the EEA agreement. It is gratifying, because that agreement is absolutely crucial for our competitive industry, which mainly sells its goods to countries in the EU” said manager, Jørn Eggum at Fellesforbundet.

Eggum believes that there is greater opposition to the EEA among the trustee class than among the ordinary members, and that it is therefore difficult to predict what will be the outcome when the recommendation for the EEA agreement is decided at the union’s national assembly in the autumn.

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