Two people die after being hit by train in Oslo

AlnabruAlnabru in Oslo.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Two people die after being hit by train at Alna

Two people died (Two Polish men) after being hit by a train at Alna station in Oslo. two foreigners, a man in his twenties and a man in his thirties were pronounced dead on the spot. A third foreign national was also involved, but unharmed.


The incident appears to have been an accident, said police.The emergency reports came in at 23.10 on Friday evening.

‘’The announcement was that two people were hit by the train at Alna station. Emergency crews moved to the site and two people received treatment. After a short period of time, they were confirmed dead by health personnel’’, said operations manager, Vidar Pedersen,of Oslo police district to NTB news.

The police have interviewed witnesses on the spot, and employees on the train. The accident didn’t occur at the station itself, but along the tracks at the southern end of the terminal area.

“There were three people together. Two of them were hit by the train,while a third person was probably to the side the railroad track when the train arrived. We still have no answer as to why they were there,”said Pedersen.

The third person was unharmed after the incident. The person has been questioned, but the police do not want to say anything about why the three people were on the train lines.

At approximately 02.15, the police reported that they had finished their work at the scene.

“The train line has been opened and the train has continued to Oslo S,where passengers received alternative transport,” said the operator.

The Crime Division (Krimvakta) in Oslo Police District stated that they are working on identifying the victims, and alerting relatives. Until this work is done, they do not want to say anything about the gender and age of those involved.


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