Two Romanians sentenced to over three years in prison for the robbery

getaway carGetaway car.Photo: Tor Egil Strømsmoen / NTB scanpix

Two Romanians have been convicted in Nord-Østerdal district court for more than three years in prison for the bank robbery in Rendalen in Hedmark last autumn.


The two men who wore masks with Finnish caps and used air guns to threaten an employee when they robbed Sparebank 1 at Otnes on October 30 last year, for close to 449,000 NOK.

“It was an aggravated robbery. The amount stolen was significant, it was carefully planned and it was committed against a defenseless person. The allegations, testimonies and documentation leave no doubts,” said the prosecutor Renate Myhre Medby, according to Østlendings trial.

After the robbery, the two Romanians drove the getaway car into a ditch, and they were arrested a short while later at Åkrestrømmen after the police received tips from the public.

In addition to the robbery, they were charged with having a loaded weapon in public places, driving a car with fake license plates, theft of signs and stolen diesel fuel. One of the robbers was also charged with driving recklessly and ditching a vehicle illegally.

One robber was sentenced to jail for three years and nine months, and the other received three years and two months imprisonment.


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