Two Russian bombers escorted from North Sea


Two Russian bombers of the type Tupolev Tu-160 were escorted away on Wednesday by Danish F16 aircraft as they flew across the North Sea and came too close to Danish airspace.

Danish TV 2 confirmed Wednesday’s incident.

‘’We met two Russian aircraft from the north off the west coast of Jutland’’ said press officer, Søren Lindhardt, of the Defence Command.

The Russian Defence Ministry confirmed the flight on its website, but called it a “scheduled flight” of 13 hours. They also published pictures showing two Russian bombers following a Danish fighter plane.

According to Lindhardt, the pictures do not match with the incident on April the 3rd.

‘’We see that the planes in the pictures do not match those we sent up’’ he said.

Russia’s Defence Department also wrote that the bombers were following Norwegian aircraft. It has not been confirmed by the Norwegian Air Force.

According to TV 2, the case on Wednesday is the third in three weeks where Russian bombers are heading south along the Norwegian coast.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today