Two Russians in questioning after crossing the border illegally

The Border Jakobselv in FinnmarkThe Border Jakobselv in Finnmark.Photo;Lise Aaserud / NTB / SCANPIX

Two Russian anglers during Easter wound up on the Norwegian side of the border, therefore they had to spend the off day being interrogated by the Norwegian Police in Finnmark.

– We are working to find out what has happened. We noticed that the two had landed on the Norwegian side of Grense Jakobselv [border river] Sunday morning, the Operations Manager in the Finnmark police, Bjørn Gunnar Johnsen, informed.

What happens next, will be determined after the two is questioned, according to the Operations Manager.

According to iFinnmark the police cooperate with the Russian authorities to resolve the case, and assume that the border crossing is not intentional.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today