Two out of three Danes want to restrict Muslim immigration

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64 percent of Danes agree that Denmark should restrict the immigration of Muslims, which is an increase of ten percentage points compared with 2015.

The issue of immigration is dividing the Danish voters, writes the newspaper Berlingske.

The current government has completed 50 tightening measures to the immigration policy, and the number of asylum seekers has dropped significantly.

Nevertheless, additional immigrations from Muslim countries should be limited.

In 2015 the figure was 54 percent, in a survey conducted by TNS Gallup.

The poll also shows that more want to forbid women to cover their hair, and more want to require that immigrants embrace “Danish values”.

It has caused a stir when Denmark’s Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg chose to have a celebration with cake for the tightening of immigration policy on Tuesday.

The cake was decorated with the number 50 on it, which was meant to symbolize the government that has so far adopted 50 tightening measures of immigration and asylum policy.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today