Two women accused of slicing of a woman’s toe

Rose scissorsIllustration.Rose scissors.Photo:

The two women, age 27 and 33 years,  are prosecuted for slicing the big toe of a 33 year old woman in a home in Stavanger in 2014.

The trial were supposed to start in Stavanger District Court Tuesday, but postponed as the police have not managed to get in touch with the younger of the two accused women, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

According to the newspaper, both the accused women and the victim belongs a difficult environment. In the indictment Acting Attorney Folke Åmild writes that the victim was beaten and / or kicked before she was dragged into a bathroom in a home in Stavanger in November 2014.

Inside the bathroom the two women used  a rose scissors to cut of the big toe on the third woman,, according to the indictment. There were supposedly a dispute that triggered the violence.

The two women are accused of injury under especially aggravating circumstances. 27-year-old acknowledges the story, while the 33-year-old denies culpability, according to the women’s two defenders, Stian Kristensen and Knut Lerum.

Folke Åmlid writes in the indictment that the violence was carried out by the two defendants and that it “has the character of mistreatment”.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today