Two women and two men arrested after robbing a goldsmith in Trondheim

Police Badge, ShotsPhoto: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX

The police have arrested two women and two men after the robbery of the goldsmith Gullgalleriet in Trondheim on Saturday.

According to the police, violence was used during the robbery, but no one was physically injured. 

The robbery happened on Saturday morning,  during the middle of opening hours. Four employees were in the store when the robbery occurred. 

-”There was a scuffle, and threats were made, but no one was seriously injured.”, on-duty lawyer Maria Evenseth, of Trøndelag Police District informed NTB.

Aggressive driving

At 11:20, the police received a report of a possible robbery from a witness who saw several people come out of the goldsmith and drove away in a car. 

Due to the aggressive driving, the emergency police used their vehicles. The car was stopped at Malvik, east of Trondheim. According to Adresseavisen, two men and two women were arrested. 

Evenseth confirms that the robbers got some jewelry from the goldsmith, but the value is unknown. 

It is also unknown if there were customers in the store when the robbery occurred. 

-”We are in the process of talking to witnesses. Eventually, it will also be relevant to examine the video from the site.”, said the operations Manager.

Robbed for the second time

This is the second time in two years that Gullgalleriet has been robbed, according to the adresseavisen.

The same goldsmith was robbed in February 2018, when a pistol was used. The masked robber stole goods worth a total of 488,000 kroner.

The store informed its customers that they were closed the next day as a result of the robbery. 

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