U.S. Army attacks Troms

winterWinter.Photo: pixabay.com

U.S. Army attacks Troms in mock invasion

Norwegian Minister of Defense, Frank Bakke-Jensen (Conservatives), will join a force of 5,000 invading military personnel scheduled to descend upon Troms.


The military exercises (code name: Joint Reindeer) are scheduled for March 5th – March 15th, 2018. Armed Forces and auxillary personnel from the Netherlands, U.S., The Norwegian Armed Forces (Forsvaret), and the Norwegian Ministry of Health will conduct concurrent tactical military exercises under harsh winter conditions.

The 10 day, multinational military winter exercises will see various military ‘Zones’ being built, maintained and defended from as far south as Evenes to northern Bardufoss.

The primary objective of the winter training mission is strengthening the operational readiness of Brigade Nord. The scheduled exercises will allow Brigade Nord and her allies to establish operations while suffering difficult terrains and severe winter conditions.

Heavy battle zones

A variety of battle zones, supply centers, communication links and medical support facilities are planned for heightened activity along lengths of Indre Troms roads.

The European route 6 (E6) and several coastal roads will see especially heavy military activity.

Civilian caution

Military authority recommends that civilians planning travel upon these temporary military roads should reduce speeds, expect delays, use extreme caution and yield to military equipment upon roadways and/or civilian areas.

Troms (pronounced Trums) is a county within Norway located north of the Arctic circle, bordering on Norway’s Finnmark and Nordland counties. It will be merged with Finnmark into a region bigger than the Netherlands and Belgium in 2020.


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