U.S./U.K. Warn of Online Russian Attacks

Illustrasjon.Web AttacksIllustrasjon.Web Attacks.Photo: pixabay.com

The U.S. & Great Britain are warning of Russian-based hackers conducting a series of global “malicious online attacks” through vulnerable Internet routers.


The state-level warnings are directed at both home-based and online service consumers, detailing machine pirate-attacks facilitated through compromised Internet routers that have been illegally commandeered by hackers, seemingly of Russian origin.

U.S. White House web security coordinator Rob Joyce is warning that millions of routers may be affected, stating “The objectives of this malicious online activity are mainly public authorities & private-sector organizations, critical infrastructure providers and network service providers who provide services to these sectors.”

The U.S./U.K. intelligence allegations reveal that Russian-supported hackers create infected Internet routers that then may facilitate state espionage, theft of copyrighted material(s) and/or gain network access allowing for future cyber-based attacks.

The British National Cyber Security Center & United States FBI and US Department of Internal Security issued the warnings yesterday, April 16th.

Joyce told the BBC that the United States and its NATO allies are very sure that Russia is behind “a comprehensive campaign” of Internet router-hacking and web espionage.

Russian authorities have issued no comment upon the matter.


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