Ubaydullah Hussain too sick to work

Ubaydullah HussainUbaydullah Hussain.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

However he is healthy enough to supply the terrorist group ISIS with Norwegian warriors. Today, he was sentenced to nine years in prison according to Khadafi Zaman representing TV2.

Ubaydullah Hussain used to have a career as a delivery driver, parking guard and working for a security company before he became a beneficiary of the Norwegian tax payers.

The same state that he feels is at war with Islam.

In 2012, the 31-year-old fronted the extremist group, calling themselves the Prophet Umma.

He never even went to Syria himself, but nonetheless sent several other young, vulnerable men to war.

Or more precisely stated; to shoot, whip, amputate, behead, burn, drown and stone innocent people. It is the terrorist group’s ISIS doing, or as they like to dub it, state-building.

 Historical judgment

Today Ubaydullah Hussain has got his verdict.Nine years in prison. The court found no mitigating circumstances. The 119 pages constituting the verdict are historic. It is the first time that participation in recruiting for a terrorist organization has been tried before a Norwegian court.

The decision by the Oslo District Court is deemed a great victory for the Police Security Service (PST). After the conviction of several foreign fighters a recruiter has finally been sentenced. By his utterances and actions the court finds that Ubaydullah Hussain has acted as an inspirator, mentor and organizer. One who facilitates ‘everything’ for those who want to travel the so-called Caliphate.

“The court believes that Ubaydullah Hussain’s actions are more serious than a single incidence as his activities are systemized” according to the ruling.

– I covered the trial of Ubaydullah Hussain, Khadafi Zaman said.

– I sat and listened to his explanation. The prosecutors then provided chats, audio logs, documents, electronic communications surveillance, witness statements, bugged conversations and undercover reports.

After an overall assessment, the court has no doubts: Ubaydullah Hussain is part of the terrorist group ISIS and should therefore be judged very harshly. The co-defendants ethnic Norwegian convert received two years and ten months for attempted to join ISIS. Attempted participation is something that has never been tried for a Norwegian court before.

According to the verdict, the Norwegian-Pakistani Islamist from Bjerke in Oslo surveyed conditions in Syria. He has helped with counselling about what equipment to bring. He has helped with money and itineraries. He has facilitated tickets and provided transportation to the airport. He has even vital as being a door opener for crossing the border between Turkey and Syria, and ensured that the travellers have been picked up and transported to ISIS-controlled areas.

“By his statements and actions Hussain contributed to supply ISIS with several foreign fighters, and thus strengthened and contributed to the maintenance of a terrorist organization to a much greater extent than any other foreign warrior’s operational lifespan – whose services has proven to be relatively short” according to the ruling.

Look to Norway

Ubaydullah Hussain was not believed by the court. There was many things he refused to answer to, But there were even more things that he remembered. Something’s were said to get attention, which is ironic – according to him things were said to make waves and much were the opinions of the Prophet Umma and not himself personally, he stated. He also explained some actions as being a young man’s pranks

This did not add up according to the judges. They believe that Ubaydullah Hussain has been a mouthpiece for foreign fighters. By regularly paying tribute to those who died for ISIS, he contributed to the awareness of the jihadists and gave them prestige and status. According to the court this seemed motivating to potential new foreign fighters.

Zaman says that he has previously written about how the extreme Islamists in Norway are struggling. How they really have been crushed by the PST (Secret Police) and society at large. The Norwegian contribution is unique and should be an example to other European countries. Today’s verdict is an important signal to those who go around among us and share the ideology of ISIS in secret. Terror Hunters have a better insight than many people think.


Source: TV2 / Norway Today


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  1. IMRANUL ISLAM | 6. April 2017 at 03:21 |

    Such people deserve no mercy. Stern action is always required to keep them polluting innocent minds. After completion of the sentence, he should not be allowed to reside there.

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