UD and flag producers disagree with the red colour in the Norwegian flag

Norwegian flag.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) and Norwegian flag producers disagree with the red colour in Norway’s flag.


The law states that the Norwegian flag should be “high-fat” and “dark-blooded” without specifying any more details. Therefore, UD has now made an instruction where the colours are defined by codes. But Norway’s flag producers use a completely different red colour than UD uses.

‘’It’s directly wrong. It goes against the orange spectrum and is more blurred than the red color should be. It’s not the way we make Norwegian flags,” said Per Henrik Langseth Zagar, general manager at ‘Flaggfabrikken’ in Larvik to Aftenposten newspaper.

He asked UD to clean up.

“In the absence of clearly defined colour codes, in practice there must be some tolerance for colour variations. The various manufacturers, as well as most people who buy flags, also seem to have a good feel for what appears to be “correct” in this regard, said Deputy Director, Arthur B. Knutsen of the UD diplomatic section.

He added that the colour codes are only an “internal recommendation», and that they are meant for printing on silk paper.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today