The UD send their thoughts to Liu Xiaobo

Nobel Peace Prize 2010 / Liu Xiaobo. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / Scanpix

In a brief statement, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent its thoughts to peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer.

The Chinese dissident and peace prize winner in 2010 triggered a diplomatic crisis between Norway and China. Only in December last year was the relationship normalized.

The news that Liu Xiaobo is hospitalized with incurable cancer is sad. Our thoughts go to him and his family, says communications manager Frode Overland Andersen in a comment to NTB.

The UD emphasizes that it is important that 61-year-old Liu gets medical treatment. He is hospitalized in the Chinese city of Shenyang after being released on bail.

Chinese authorities consider Liu Xiaobo to be a criminal and responded sharply to Norway after the award in 2010. The Norwegian government responded by emphasizing that the Nobel Committee is independent and makes its decisions without political interference.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today