UDI: 50% Seeking Asylum

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has released its first-quarter totals and reports receiving 674 asylum applications; half the total of 2017’s first-quarter asylum applications.


234 of 2018’s first-quarter applicants are labeled ‘Oktoberbarn’; those given the opportunity to offer fresh asylum applications. The Oktoberbarn was the Storting’s 2015’s scheme addressing the status of minor immigrants already within Norway.

In 2015, the Oktoberbarn minor dependents were issued temporary residency status, subject to future UDI review.Upon an Oktoberbarn’s reaching the age of majority (18), the Storting’s legislated regulations dictate that a formal application be submitted, with Norway reserving the right of asylum denial & final exit with repatriation.

Afghanistan represents the majority of 2018 first-quarter asylum applications, with 60 requests from Syria and 56 applicants from Eritrea . 29 applicants originated from Turkey (half of the 63 of 2017’s first-quarter totals), with a majority of these 2017’s applicants directly linked to Turkey’s Muslim Gülen coup attempt and political movement of 2 years ago.

UDI processed 604 applications for asylum this first quarter,approving 51% of the asylum applications. Five applicants were granted temporary protection until they
reach 18 years of age.

4200 BEDS
The low number of asylum applications directly impacts asylum reception occupancy, with March 31st seeing a total of 4,225 beds,compared against March, 2017’s bed totals of 10,288.

1500 UDI reception applicants await their initial approval confirmation or the results of their appeal against denied entry. Of the remaining applicants, 1 in 3 has received a final denial and awaits deportation to their country of origin.

Norway’s Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the central executive administrative agency that oversees immigration and operates under the authority of the Ministry of Justice.


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