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UDI closes integration reception centre in Oslo

asylum seekers july - UDI familyThe Norwegian Department of Immigration (UDI). Photo Norway Today Media


Fewer asylum seekers are making it difficult to fill up the 500 places in the integration reception centre. UDI has therefore decided to terminate the contract with Oslo Municipality.


The contract is for the operation of 150 places Ila integration reception in Oslo, said UDI. The contract has a notice period of four months, which means that
most residents can stay at the reception centre until they are settled in a municipality.

‘I wish to emphasise that we are pleased with the cooperation with the City of Oslo, both as an operator, and as a supplier of the full-time program for the residents,’ said Deputy Director-General, Borghild Fløtre, at the Directorate of Immigration.

In autumn 2016, the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Affairs gave the green light to establish integration reception centres in Bodø, Steinkjer, Kristiansand,
Larvik and Oslo. They are part of a project that expires in 2018.

The occupancy in asylum reception centres in Norway has more than halved this year. In January, 12,700 people lived in Norwegian reception centres, by the end of October, the figure was reduced to 6,200.

During winter 2015/2016, the UDI had around 39,000 reception and emergency
places. When the last round of closures has been completed, UDI will have
approximately 6,600 places available.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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