UDI adheres to the security assessment in Afghanistan and Kabul

asylum seekers july - UDI familyThe Norwegian Department of Immigration (UDI). Photo Norway Today Media

UDI has reviewed four reports on the security situation in Afghanistan, but finds no reason to change its asylum practices.


“We have not found a basis for changing previous assessments,” says Director Frode Forfang, Directorate of Immigration of NTB.

UDI’s conclusion is that the situation in the country is not such that Norway must stop returning people there, he states.

“I understand that many people can perceive Afghanistan as an unsafe country, but this is about what thresholds should apply to asylum cases,” Forfang said.

In the last month, Landinfo has provided four reports to the UDI about the situation in different parts of Afghanistan. Here it is said that the security situation is fluent and invisible but can change rapidly. It is pointed out that it is difficult to obtain reliable information about the situation outside of Kabul. In Kabul there was a large increase in the number of civilian victims in the first half of this year.

Forfang explains that Landinfo only provides descriptions and assessments of the security situation, without recommendations on the consequences that UDI should draw.

UDI’s conclusion is that it is safe to return asylum seekers who do not have an individual protection base, to most of Afghanistan, with the exception of two provinces. The Directorate also believes it is safe to return refugees to the, so-called, internally displaced to the capital of Kabul.

UDI will not change its practice for single youngsters who had temporary residence because they were minors. They can thus be sent out of the country when they are have filled 18 years of age.

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