UDI say that refugees vacationing in their home country will generally lose their residence permit

asylum seekers july - UDI familyThe Norwegian Department of Immigration (UDI). Photo Norway Today Media

Many people have strong opinions about refugees traveling on holiday to their home country, from which they have applied for protection against. One of those who have created controversies in this case is the controversial social debate Sumaya Jirde Ali, who argued that she travels to Somalia despite her family having been living in Norway on a humanitarian basis.


After being greeted with massive criticism for his statements, Jirde Ali wrote a comment in Dagsavisen Newspaper, where she justified her travels to Somalia, with her having to travel to meet her very ill grandfather.

“If Norway is really going to criminalise this, yes, Norway is not my home,” she wrote.

But, have refugees actually been allowed to travel to the country they sought protection from at all?

UDI claims that it can lead to loss of refugee status.

‘’It is the case that it is not allowed to return to their country of residence if they have refugee status.

If anyone still does this and returns to Norway again, it will be considered grounds for calling back the permit,” said Kjersti Vaugelade-Baust, Press Counselor in UDI, to Resett.

The counsellor referred to an instruction from the Ministry of Justice on the interpretation of the Immigration Act.

In the instructions, the counsellor stated that, as a rule, the aim is to change residence permits for refugees vacationing in their home country.

‘’If such travel and abuse of the system is discovered, it is important that the Immigration Act’s sanctions are fully utilised, by the immigration authorities by responding with the revocation of the residence permit, and termination of the foreigner’s status as refugee, states the instruction.

However, there are exceptions. Among other things, the refugee can retain the residence permit in cases where he or she makes a short visit to a dying family member. It may also be that Norway accepts that a political refugee who forwards opposition policy for a movement Norway supports may return to the home for short stays if political work is a purpose for the journey.


Source: resett.no / #Norway Today


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  1. Berhane Haile | 9. April 2018 at 08:35 |

    I wonder why UDI does not take action against Eritreans who travel to Eritrea during the summer with impunity. Recently I read an article about an Eritrean who was given asylum just a month ago and was seen participating in the YPFDJ conference and praising the regime he claimed opressed him so that he could get asylum. There are many others who participate in Festivals and attend political conferences. But above all they threaten opposition groups and insult them as trairors.

  2. Solomon Hagos | 12. April 2018 at 08:01 |

    Take action UDI and sirously about thise case we give information to udi meny Eritrean get asaylem residence in norwey they at short time viset to Eritrea and they spy the dictator Gavermont in eritrea even one person he get asylem on norwey befor three month he parsipitet
    in YPFDJ rigme confernes in sweden so its sreiousy
    thise guy is send him from Eritrea by the dictator gavermont in Eritrea .

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