Ukraine Fights Flekkefjord Puzzle-Maker

Ministry of Foreign Affairs aid moneyMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. Photo: Statsbygg

The Ukrainian Embassy has put forward a diplomatic request to Norway’s foreign affairs ministry requesting that the Norwegian government take measures against a Flekkefjord business.


ABC News reports that Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) received the post request from the Ukrainian Embassy demanding that the Norwegian company L.A. Larsen AS cease production & further ; recall their line of Russian puzzle maps.

The Ukrainian Embassy demand letter states that the Ukraine has become aware that the company known as L.A.Larsen AS in Flekkefjord publishes maps of Russia in the form of puzzles. The maps illustrate that segments of Ukrainian territory are portrayed as belonging to the Russian Federation.

The Ukraine Embassy seeks relief; asking that the UD inform the puzzle-maker of the true status of said territories in accordance with international law. Also, the Ukrainian Embassy letter asks that the UD demand that Flekkefjord company stop production of the current maps at issue & recall printed maps from retail sale.

Foreign ministry communications manager Frode O. Andersen responded to ABC News, saying; “There are no relevant rules or regulations related to the production or sale of this type of map. We therefore have no basis for pursuing the case.”

Anderson did emphasize that Norway still maintains that Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and Sevastopol is in violation of international law.

CEO Lars Kristian Larsen of puzzle company L.A. Larsen AS confirms that they sell puzzles with Russian maps, illustrating contested area within ​​the Crimea, saying;

“We have two versions of maps. One map goes to a customer in Russia, which by the way is our biggest customer. But we sell both to Russia and Ukraine. And on the puzzle-map we send to Ukraine, the Crimea is labeled Ukrainian.’ –

“It’s a difficult issue for us. We’re not politicians. We produce a product ordered by our customers without any political standpoint. We’re a jigsaw puzzle-maker from Norway, and since 1953, have produced about 400 types of puzzles here in Norway, many in various foreign languages,” concludes Larsen.

Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Norway were established February, 1992. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Norway opened October, 2004.

Flekkefjord is a municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway, located in the district of Lister. The municipality (and town) is named after the fjord called Flekkefjorden.The fjord is named after the old Flikka farm (Old Norse: Flikkar) that is located near the fjord, but the original meaning of the name Flikkar is unknown.


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