Ukrainian embassy in Oslo: Many Norwegians are willing to go to Ukraine to fight

Territorial Defense Forces - volunteer military unit UkrainePhoto: AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky

The Ukrainian embassy has received many questions from Norwegians interested in fighting on Ukraine’s side in the war against Russia.

“We have received many questions from Norwegians about this. And we know that many Norwegians are willing to go to Ukraine to fight,” an unnamed press secretary at the Ukrainian embassy in Oslo told Klar Tale.

The press secretary said that people started contacting them Thursday last week but did not have exact figures on how many people got in touch about contributing to Ukraine.

Zelenskyj asked for help from Europeans

On Friday last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj asked European fighters to join Ukrainian forces in fighting Russia’s invasion.

“If you have combat experience and do not want to look at the indecision of your politicians, you can come to our country and join us in the defense of Europe, which is very important right now,” Zelenskyj said.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) asked Norwegians who are considering traveling to Ukraine to fight to think carefully about the decision.

“I understand that those discussions arise, but war is dramatic,” Støre told TV 2.

Not illegal

Last week, Advocate General Sigrid Redse Johansen told Forvarets forum that it is not illegal for Norwegians to join an army of a foreign state.

“This presupposes that you fully join the foreign defense and wear their uniform. Then you assume all the risks it entails, and you are covered by their legal system,” Johansen said.

However, one can not fight on behalf of private, non-governmental organizations, and Norwegian citizens have been punished for joining terrorist organizations. It is also a criminal offense to fight on behalf of another state in Norwegian uniform. 

On Tuesday, Sky News reported that several hundred Britons have signed up to fight for Ukraine.

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