Umm to face masks in Norway

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Although one in three Norwegians are positive about using face masks in Norway, even more people say they are negative, a new study shows.

– Broadly speaking, one can say that Norwegians say maybe to face coverings, and that people are divided equally into three groups – between being positive, neutral or negative – but where a few more are negative, says senior adviser Ola Gaute Aas Askheim in Opinion AS.

33 per cent are positive, 37 per cent are negative, while 31 per cent do not answer to either, the survey from Opinion’s Norwegian Corona monitoring shows.

With the exception of those over 60, in all age groups there are slightly more negatives than positives. Here, 36 percent say they are positive, 28 percent are negative and 36 percent do not answer either. According to the survey, men are more negative than positive (40 versus 31 percent), while women are evenly negative and positive (both 34 percent).

Based on the current epidemiological situation, the Institute of Public Health (FHI) considers that there is no scientific basis for recommending the general use of face coverings or non-medical face masks in the population.

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  1. Ummm? 🙂

    “Based on the current epidemiological situation, …” is fair, but some more days are needed to see if the virus re-spread on the May 17 weekend.

    For now, for everyone – especially our public transportation staff – to be safe, everyone (including the possible many who do not know they have the virus) should be wearing facemasks/cloth coverings at least on public transportation.

    This is to keep from (possibly) infecting *others*, and again King Harald urged everyone to think about – take care of – each other in his coronavirus speech (described here on Norway Today).

    Take care, everyone.

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