UN: Russia may have committed war crimes in Ukraine

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Russian killings of civilians and bombing of civilian infrastructure could amount to war crimes, the UN says. The organization documented 50 killings of civilians in Butsja.

“Russian forces have used indiscriminate bombing and artillery fire on populated areas, killing civilians and destroying hospitals, schools, and other civilian infrastructure, which could amount to war crimes,” Ravina Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights Office, said on Friday.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, says that “during these eight weeks, international law has not only been ignored but apparently completely set aside.”

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has documented that 50 civilians have been killed in Butsja.

After Russian forces withdrew from Butsja, extensive killings of civilians were uncovered. 

The UN documented and confirmed that 2,345 civilians had been killed and 2,919 wounded in Ukraine since the war began.

“We know that the real number is significantly higher,” Bachelet added.

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1 Comment on "UN: Russia may have committed war crimes in Ukraine"

  1. It certainly seems so, and if Putin and the Kremlin did not give Russian troops specific orders not to commit war crimes, they certainly are guilty of them. And letting them happen is a very let alone stupidly destructive, self-inflicted political and diplomatic wound.

    But again, by Nuremberg anyone starting a war is guilty of any war crimes which follow, and President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Tony Blinken opposed giving the Russians the fair security treaty we owe them after our/NATO’s past broken security promises to them, most seriously including us breaking the Budapest peace agreement backing the 2014 Kyiv coup. And then there are our act of war regime change attempts against Russia and its neighbors.

    And we have our own unpunished war crimes and war criminals – our Kosovo bombing war (unnecessarily forced on the Yugoslavs/Serbs by Rambouillet Appendix B), Afghanistan (bin Laden was already reported dead), Iraq, Libya, and Syria. So if international justice is fair and equal as it is supposed to be, our own Western leaders and politicians who promoted those war crime holocaust wars should be prosecuted right alongside Putin (who may be dying of Parkinson’s).

    We have long been accused of Nuremberg and Tokyo 1946 being just “victor’s justice,” and there is now not only no evidence to the contrary, there is now clear evidence they were.

    Even more, the West’s war crimes and political corruption whistle-blower Julian Assange – whom the Nobel Peace Committee turned its back on – is soon to be sent to the States for another prison death, so we can again gloat about our “exceptionalism.”

    And meanwhile, Peace Prize Norway is talking up training Ukrainian troops in Norway and getting us even deeper into the war … instead of pushing for that fair peace and security treaty and STOPPING the holocaust.

    Bored-with-peace war-rabid lemmings leading our families into mass nuclear suicide.

    If anyone doubts the Russians will (have to) escalate to nuclear war (since we have always known they will be defeated by NATO conventionally), have them look at Mariupol.

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