UNE requires that a twelve year old have income to keep his mother in the country

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The Immigration Board will not allow a woman to receive family reunification with her son because the 12 year old has no income, TV 2 reports.

Two Greek nationals aged 12 and 18 have lived in Norway for four years. So does their mother, a citizen of Peru.

The boys have valid stays in Norway because Greece is a member of the EU, but their single mother’s application has been rejected by the Immigration Board (UNE) for her stay in Norway, according to TV 2. The rejection may result in her being forced to leave her sons. The mother and the brothers’ father are divorced and have no contact.

Family lawyer Felix Olivier Helle believes that UNE misinterprets EEA rules, and that if children are to have a real right to free movement in the EU, then parents must be able to join. UNE does not agree.

– “If you, as an EEA citizen, want to stay in Norway, and also have family members here, then you have to support yourself and any family members,” says UNE department head Marianne Granlund to TV 2.

How can you claim that a twelve-year-old has income?

“A twelve-year-old can’t support himself or others, and then he won’t be able to stay here or have his family members here either,” says the department head.

Family lawyer Helle warns a lawsuit for his mother to stay in the country.

– “Children should be able to enjoy the same rights as adults. There is no exception in the EEA regulations which says that it does not apply to children. It would have been completely pointless, really,” says Helle to TV 2.

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