Unsold helium balloons sent into the air

Helium BalloonsHelium Balloons. Photo: Pixabay.com

Pieter Wijnen

Unsold helium balloons released into the air

Salesmen who could not sell their helium balloons on May 17 have released the controversial balloons straight up into the air and out into the countryside. This according to Bergens Tidende.


Many readers of BT have reacted and sent the newspaper photographs of large clusters of balloons that rise into the air in Bergen. Several hundred according to eye-witnesses.

Apparently sellers in the city center who chose to let go of their excess wares when they settled for the day.

One of the sellers confirms to the newspaper that sales were slow going on the National Day, but that he will bind that he could not sell to a dustbin, so people can help themselves for free.

Several places in the country, including Skien and Porsgrunn, the sale of helium balloons on May 17 is banned.

The ban is justified by the pollution they cause in nature and the scarcity of the gas used.

Limited resource

A Head of Department at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen has previously advised people not to buy helium balloons as the gas is a limited resource that is used in cancer treatment. There were also strong reactions and increased awareness among people when a dead whale on Sotra was found with 30 plastic bags in its stomach.


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