Unusually good weather in Northern Norway

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

The Meteorologists report unusually good weather in Northern Norway for this weekend. In southern Norway, the situation is quite a different cup of tea.

– the Weekend in Northern Norway will be nice, unusually so I would say, duty meteorologist at the Department  of Meteorology, Vibeke Thyness, said.

The exception is Finnmark. Here the prediction is for snow-showers in     and around the coastal areas, breeze in periods, and replenishment of snow.

According to meteorologist Nordland south of Bodø and all the way south to North Trøndelag will have the finest weather conditions. Regarding Southern Norway, the meteorologists are less sure of what to expect.

Uncertainty in the south

– It looks like it will be ok for the North-Western parts of the southern half, Thynne says.

She predicts winds in an offshore direction and good conditions, but a little wind will overcome the mountains from the east, which can lead to a few gusts of wind in mountainous areas and the lowlands of Møre og Romsdal and Sør-Trøndelag.

A high pressure over northern Norway will slow down the low pressures coming in from England wanting to reach southern Norway.

– therefore there will be a battle between the weather systems over southern Norway, leading to an increase in wind.

Rogaland will experience partly cloudy weather with some precipitation, as will southern Norway. There is also a chance of snow in the vicinity of lake Mjøsa east of the mountains. The southernmost parts are most likely to experience, according to the forecaster.

Snow along the southern railway (Sørlandsbanen)

– It is a situation that could potentially make a significant snowfall along the southern railway; Telemark, Vestfold, Buskerud and maybe even Oslo and Akershus may be affected, the meteorologist continues.

She says it’s in the cards that it becomes partly clouded and snowy conditions in some places, but the question is how far north and inland this snowfall extends.

– There will therefore be a battle between the low pressure banging on the door from the south-west and the high pressure that keeps it at bay in the north.

Somewhere it will be halted, but now it is difficult to say where. But I’m sure there will be snow and pretty sure some will get capacious amounts during the weekend.

The Meteorologist thinks that Rogaland is inside this precipitation area, and one has to go to Haugesund or perhaps as far as Bergen to escape it.

Pretty dry

Northern Norway will probably also enjoy the aforementioned high pressure area for the most of next week.

– While there will certainly be more clouds and some rain in coastal areas, it stays mostly dry, says Thynne.

In the South low pressures will enter from west on Wednesday and with them the rain.  coming from the west, the west coast naturally gets the worst “deal” as usual.”

– we are talking of rain in the lower areas and a snowline of somewhere around 600 to 800 meters, securing snow in the mountains, said meteorologist.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today