Update: Nine people injured and several houses swept away in the Gjerdrum landslide

Gjerdrum landslidePhoto: Hovedredningssentralen / NTB

At least nine people have been injured in the landslide in Gjerdrum. Pictures from the site show that several houses were located in the middle of the landslide area.

The police reported that the conditions were still chaotic in the area on Wednesday morning

Several hundred people have been evacuated, and the evacuation is still ongoing.

“Buildings and structures have collapsed. We have received messages from desperate people who called the police emergency number…

“There are dramatic reports, and the incident is extremely serious,” operations manager Roger Pettersen said at a press briefing at 10 o’clock.

A large number of ambulances and other emergency personnel have been sent to the scene.

The Red Cross and other volunteers are also contributing.

Several people injured

In a press release at 9:41 AM, the police wrote that several people were missing after the landslide, but they have later corrected the information.

“We can’t confirm that anyone is missing there,” Pettersen said.

At the same time, he emphasized that no one has been confirmed dead so far.

The police report that nine people have received treatment by ambulance.

“One person was transported to Ullevål hospital and four to Ahus,” Pettersen added.

Five people have been transported to the emergency room. None of them are said to be seriously injured.

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