Uplifting results after massive traffic controls

PolicePolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Only 2 out of 5,500 drivers indicted after traffic controls

The police in Møre og Romsdal are very pleased with the outcome of two extensive traffic controls that were carried out in the county on Thursday.


In cooperation with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Customs Office, more than 5,500 drivers were checked. Only two of these showed that they were driving under the influence.

“This is brilliant,” said police specialist Kjellbjørn Riise Johansen, coordinating police control of Bergsøya in the municipality of Gjemne in Nordmøre.

Of a total of 3,500 drivers that were checked there, only one is suspected of driving under the influence. Johansen says that the vehicles were also in general good condition.

On the E39 between Ørsta and Festøya, 2,068 vehicles were checked. Here too, only one of the drivers showed signs of inebriation. The driver had his driver’s license revoked on the spot.

Results from control show that 19 drivers were fined because they did not bring their driver’s licenses, and 8 drivers were fined because they drove with dirty side windows.

22 vehicles had their license plates removed due either; to lack of insurance, annual fee and/or EU control.


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